Prairie Ranged Meats

grassfed beef

pastured chicken

pastured pork


1. Click on the “Order mEATshare” Button below

2. Choose a share size
and it to your shopping cart:

Half Share=7 lbs/mth

Full Share=14 lbs/mth

3. Fill out the order and payment details (a profile will be created, and payment method kept on record for easy one-time subscriptions-you can unsubscribe at any time)

4. Receive your prepackaged mEATshare each month, and enjoy your delicious Prairie Ranged Meats


Each share is prepackaged in relation to its proportion of animal, for example a Full share includes 1/2 a pig’s worth of meat, about 60 lbs, 1/8 of beef, about 45 lbs, and 12 whole chickens and 3 chickens worth of cuts.  We do not include organ meats, but they are available on our store.

We don’t offer custom options as this would be very difficult logistically, BUT you can order custom cut orders through our store at any time!


Your one-time order will subscribe you to continuous monthly deliveries, in which you are charged for each month.


Your payment is charged to a credit card on file, upon receiving your month’s share, but you can opt out at any time.


Half mEATshares are $69.99 including doorstep delivery.

Full mEATshares are $99.99 including doorstep delivery.


-You can’t get this quality of meat at the store
-Delivered to your doorstep available
-Easy payment options
-Great variety of Prairie Ranged meats each month
-Delicious centrepieces for gatherings and feasts
-Farm updates and subrscriber promotions through the Food Ethos Farm newsletter #FARMtoday
-You support the regeneration of the Prairie landscape for sustainable community, clean water, more wildlife habitat
and an agroecological rural economy


You can have your mEATshare delivered to your door anywhere in Winnipeg, Brandon, or Southwest towns listed (in store).  You will receive delivery details for your selection in your confirmation email after you complete your order.

Since the closing of our distribution partners in Winnipeg, we have been working on a delivery system that includes a weekend delivery (usually a Saturday from 9-12am) and a weekday evening delivery (usually a Tuesday from 6-8pm).  Brandon deliveries follow in the afternoon of the Saturday morning delivery in Winnipeg.  Southwest deliveries follow the Tuesday evening Farmers Market in Melita.

Once you choose your pickup or delivery location and time, we would like you to stick to that option, as changing (especially with short notice) will throw off our delivery logistics.  Rescheduling delivery may be an option, but with appropriate notice.  A missed pickup will be charged a restocking fee and can be scheduled for a future delivery.


For our food budgeters here is a simple breakdown of costs, the average price of meat included is about $8/lb, depending on your share size and delivery option.  It roughly equals what our wholesale customers would pay for bulk amounts of the same meat, beef averaging the highest around $9.25/lb, pork in the middle around $8/lb and chicken the lowest at $5.25/lb.  The price you see on the store is the total cost to you and includes all the processing, and delivery.

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