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We live on the Canadian Prairie, so we want to raise animals and farm for the Canadian Prairies.  We raise a variety of pastured meats, from chickens to pork and grassfed beef.  All of our animals are raised without pervasive antibiotics, GMO feeds or growth hormones.  We try to raise our animals as naturally as possible, mimicking their ecological function in a grassland ecosystem.  read more…

One of our main farm ventures is our garden; we strive to grow the most nutritious and delicious veggies we can.  We use organic standards as a minimum for our farm, and haven’t use a synthetic or biological pesticide on the garden in 3 years.  We use Integrated Pest Management for weed and pest control, and are developing a zero-minimum till system for our garden.
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What is Food Ethos Farm?


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ashley-curtisCurtis grew up on the family farm in Southwest Manitoba, where he helped his Dad raise cattle, chickens, and pigs, and grow mixed grains. He helped his Mum grow a very large garden each summer, full of vegetables and fruit for the family, and preserving much of it for eating over the winter.
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What’s Happening At Food Ethos Farm –  News & Updates



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“To me, LIFE without veal stock, PORK FAT, SAUSAGE, organ fat, demi-glace, or EVEN stinky CHEESE is a life not worth living.”
-Antony Bourdain