A mEATshare is a variety of the highest quality Prairie Ranged Beef, Pork, and Chicken delivered to your door. Conveinent, Highest Quality and from a Farmer you know!

Order mEATshare

1. Choose mEATshare

  • Simple
  • Classic
  • Family
  • Farmer

2. Choose delivery

  • Home delivery in Winnipeg & Brandon
  • Check your email for delivery dates

3. Answer your Door

  •  Due to Covid-19 we will be minimizing in person contact, boxes will be left on doorsteps, with text notification.
  •  We send reminders to make sure you will be home so you don't miss your delivery
  • Watch for recipes/videos for cooking tips & great meal ideas!


  • Curated to the season, think BBQ in the Summer, Feasts in the Winter
  • We develop our own gluten free, filler free recipes, Hamburger, Sausages, Meatballs, Pepperettes
  • We try to make all our cuts proportional to a family meal
  • Each month is a little different, but the same High Quality


Each month you will receive a delivery request email, that includes that month’s delivery dates and times, you can choose which option best suits your schedule each month. You will then get a delivery reminder the day before, and then you just have to answer your door! The delivery, is within an approximate 3 hour window on your requested date.


  • Simple

    3-4 lbs or about 20 meals, recommended for an individual or a couple that eat limited meat diets

  • classic

    6-8 lbs or about 40 meals, this is where many customers start, particularly couples

  • Family

    13-15 lbs or about 75 meals, many families of four are subscribed to this box

  • Farmer

    20-22 lbs or about 115 meals, are you a beast, this is generally what Ashley and I eat on average per month


  • You can’t get this quality of meat at the store
  • Delivered to your doorstep available
  • Easy payment options
  • Great variety of Prairie Ranged meats each month
  • Delicious centerpieces for gatherings and feasts
  • Farm updates and subscriber promotions through the Food Ethos Farm newsletter #FARMtoday
  • You support the regeneration of the Prairie landscape for sustainable community, clean water, more wildlife habitat and an agroecological rural economy

Order mEATshare

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