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1. Click on the “Pre-Order Chicken” Button

2. Add Whole Roaster OR  Cut Package to your cart

3. Fill out the order and payment details
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4. Receive a confirmation email with pickup/delivery details

5. Expect chickens to be ready starting in July

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Our Prairie Ranged Chickens average
4.5 lbs, that is more flavourful & nutritious than store bought birds.

Birds range from 3 to 6 lbs priced at $4.75/lb, making the average whole roaster a little less than $20.00.

Organs can be ordered separately from our online store as well, including hearts, liver, and feet.



Get a cuts package for quicker and  portioned meals, but still farm fresh and Prairie Ranged flavour!

Package includes:
6 boneless/skinless breasts,
6 boneless/skinless thighs,
6 drumsticks, and
12 wings.

Packages start at $99.99 (taxes included)

We raise our chickens from day old chicks we pickup from the hatchery, our first batch starts in the brooder, and moves out into our pasture pens.  We feed them a ration of local wheat, peas, and oats, with a mix of vitamins and minerals, kelp meal, and calcium. Everyday the birds are moved in their pens to new grass and bugs.  Around 10 weeks, we take them to the only certified poultry processor in the province, in Niverville.  This guarantees we have raised healthy and nutritious birds that can be sold at farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores, and on farm!  We repeat this process 3 times through the summer to try and keep up with demand.  So make room in your freezer to enjoy great chicken all year!


-You can’t get this quality of meat at the store
-You SAVE MONEY, whole roasters sell at $5.00/lb in the market
-The flavour you remember, or the flavour you never knew chicken could be!

Delivery to your doorstep available
-Easy payment options
-Whole birds or convienent pieces
Delicious centrepieces for family feasts
-Your purchase supports the regeneration of the Prairie landscape for sustainable community, clean water, more wildlife habitat
and an agroecological rural economy



Have your chickens delivered to your door in Winnipeg, Brandon, or Southwest towns listed (see in store), with a $200+ order.  Receive delivery details in a confirmation email after you checkout, deliveries start in July 2017.

Once you choose your delivery location and time, we would like you to stick to that option, as changing (especially with short notice) will throw off our delivery logistics.  Rescheduling delivery may be an option, but with appropriate notice.  A missed pickup will be charged a restocking fee, and can be scheduled for a future delivery.


A $5.00 deposit is required for each chicken you wish to order, which is applied to the total.

Your remaining balance can be paid through cheque, cash, credit card, or Etransfer before or at pickup.

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